Aggies’ Biggest Fan Shocked by April Fools Prank

Aggie fan, 7 year-old Colin, reactions to the “breaking news” of BYU-Logan.  Read the background information given by Colin’s mother, who posted the video. 


April fools’ day rolls around, and it seems everyone is subject to a little ribbing. Even media outlets have increasingly upped their “game” in April 1st pranks. A tip of the hat is deserved to Cache Valley Daily for the “LDS Church to purchase Utah State University, rename it BYU-Logan” story that ran on the Local News section of its website. 


The story/prank plays off of the rivalry between the state (USU) and private-church (BYU) universities. 


“We hope this move will defuse any tension between Aggie fans and Cougar fans. Now fans from both schools can cheer for BYU, regardless if they’re from Logan or Provo, said a church spokesperson,” states the article. Followed by, “They joke around and call us their little brother. Now they can call us their twin brother, said a school spokesperson.” 


While the prank caught a few readers off guard, most were shocked by the headline and quickly remembered it was April fools. Regionally, the prank gathered speed and saw coverage on both radio and TV. 


Eventually, the news hit one of the Aggies’ biggest fans, 7 year-old Colin. Above is his reaction to the “breaking news.” 


 Don’t worry Colin, we’re still the Aggies. And we’ll be here when you enroll in your first semester. We’ll be saving you a front-row seat for your first BYU-USU game as True Aggie!


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