January Student Health 101

So why should read Student Health 101, the USU online health and wellness magazine at http://readsh101.com/usu.html?

First, you can enter to win $1,000 for checking out the January issue.

Second, there are some great articles in Student Health 101:

  • 13 Apps for a Healthy 2013: Technology you can use to further your wellness
  • Let’s Talk Sex: 3 steps for keeping it safer.
  • Roommates & Shared Spaces: Do’s & don’ts of living with others.
  • No Stove? No Problem: Simple meals you can prepare anywhere.
  • UCookbook: Quick & Healthy Breakfasts.
  • FitnessU: Intervals.
  • And much more…

And if you missed it – be sure to check out December’s issue, with 4 Steps to Successful Finals, Fight the Urge to Splurge, Eat Well in Hectic Times, Fling or Forever? and more, at http://readsh101.com/last_usu.html.



Student Health 101

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