‘Black Holes!’ Topic for Nov. 2 Science Unwrapped

Do you think you could comprehend such complex theories as relativity after just a 30 second lecture on the subject?


Come to Science Unwrapped on Nov 2, and that’s just what will happen!


“Black Holes!” is the topic for Utah State University’s Science Unwrapped Friday, Nov. 2. Featured speaker is astrophysicist Pablo Laguna, who unlocks some of the mysteries surrounding these daunting and powerful cosmic phenomena.


Astrophysicist Pablo Laguna

Laguna, professor and director of the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics at Georgia Tech, speaks at 7 p.m. in the Emert Auditorium (Room 130) of the Eccles Science Learning Center. Hosted by USU’s College of Science, his talk is free and open to all ages.

“I’m going to give everyone a 30-second course in general relativity,” he says.

Hands-on learning activities and refreshments follow Laguna’s talk. Guests will learn about gravitational waves, lasers and USU’s “Green Beam,” a LIDAR (light detection and ranging) instrument for studying the upper atmosphere that often lights Cache Valley’s night sky. Read more…


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