Alumni Association Adds New programs to its Repertoire

The David B. Haight Alumni Center overlooks beautiful Cache Valley


Remember the last time you put on a pair of jeans and found a five dollar bill in the pocket? Or the last time you bought a pair of jeans and paid less than you expected, because you didn’t know they were on sale?  Or better yet, the last time your stewardess moved you from coach to business class because the guy sitting next to you kept leaning on your shoulder while he was sleeping. Oh wait – never mind, that never happens.


But the first two scenarios do actually happen. And chances are they’ve happened to you. When they did, how did you feel? Was it like finding a little nugget of joy?


If so, get ready for another little nugget, because the Utah State Alumni Association just added two new programs that will make your life-long experience with USU even better.


1) Career Aggie Network, and

2) Aggie Reps


And the best part is… they’re available to ALL alumni.

OK, so maybe this announcement is quite the nugget of joy you were expecting, but it’s still a big deal. We’re making changes that the Alumni Association has never before seen. And they’re all for the benefit of you. How great is that?

Learn more about each feature and what it can do for you as a life-long Aggie.


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