An Online View of Commencement

Associate Professor Ryan Moller

Utah State’s English graduate course work in Professional and Technical Writing is one of the only programs offered only online.  The cohorts of this program participate from around the globe, many times, never getting the chance to meet their professors face-to-face. These photos were shared by Associate Professor Keith Grant-Davie with students in the Professional and Technical Writing program. Grant-Davie shared with his students:


“As an online student, you may sometimes feel a little detached from the traditional student experience. For that reason, I thought I would share withyou some details of the Commencement (graduation) ceremonies held at Utah State University this past weekend.

Procession lead by Scotsmen Pipes and Drums

“On Friday afternoon we had the Graduate Hooding ceremony, when faculty members ceremonially help graduate students don their academic hoods, the symbols of their degrees. Prof. Ryan Moeller played the bagpipes in USU’s Scotsmen pipe and drum band during the procession of faculty and students across campus to the Spectrum, the indoor arena where the ceremony is held. The attached photos, which I took, show the procession, Prof. Moeller in his piping costume, and a general view of the Spectrum…”

Ceremonies within the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum


English Professors David Hailey, Rebecca Walton, Keith Grant-Davie, Jeannie Thomas,

Evelyn Funda, and Brock Dethier


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