USU on Google+

The Official Google+ Page of Utah State University

If you use Google, then you’ve probably noticed a set of tabs at the top of the page, the first being “+You.” Click on it, and welcome to Google+. While FacebookTwitterYouTubeBlogger etc. are well established social media, Google+ is hoping to put the “social” back into social network.

Google+ makes connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world. Share your thoughts, links and photos with the right circles. Use easy, spontaneous video chat to strike up conversations with as many as nine people at once. Get everyone on the same page with fast, simple group chat. We’re very excited about the new approach to sharing we’ve created through Google+, but this is really just the beginning.                        

Create a Google+ profile and connect with Utah State University by adding us into one of your circles; maybe you need a USU circle.


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