CNR Student Models For Good Cause

College of Natural Resources graduate student, Dawnee Burson, is hoping to win a modeling competition to help out here home town. Winners of the competition, sponsored by Maurices, recieve a gift card, a chance to model, and $7,500 to direct to a 501 (c) 3 charity in your hometown.

“If I win, I would like to fix up the lake in my hometown, Ramah, NM,” said Burson. “Our lake used to be a beautiful area and a great place for fishing, BBQs, picnics, hiking, and other recreation. Unfortunately, it has really gone downhill and is in desperate need of attention. As I am nearing completion of my masters degree in natural resources, I could apply what I have learned in doing this project and thanks to my studies here, at Utah State, will be able to do a better job of it than I could have had I tried to do this years ago.”
You can vote for Dawnee here. Voters can cast votes every 24 hours, and voting is open until March 19.

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