Ideas Wanted for Simplifying Lives of Seniors

Student uses wheelchair lift.


Utah State University’s Assistive Technology Lab celebrated Engineering Week by highlighting some student-created devices aimed at making life easier for aging Americans. One allows people to work underneath a car, even if they don’t have the use of their legs. The other is a wheelchair lift that simplifies lifting and stowing a wheelchair into a car’s trunk.


The creeper could come in handy for just about any shop with a senior mechanic who would like to minimize the stress on his knees. The wheelchair lift would make life easier for a caretaker who can assist a person in a wheelchair, but who struggles with wrangling a 50-pound wheelchair.


Dr. Steve Hansen, who mentored the student inventors, said more ideas for assistive technology are always welcome.  He’s the author of a five-year, $125,000 grant that funds student-developed technology to assist aging Americans. The grant will continue through 2016, so if you can think of a problem that an engineer could solve, go to the Utah Assistive Technology Program’s blog and leave them a comment..



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