Lecturing Around the World

Lancy on his birthday vacationing in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy.


USUProfessor David F. Lancy, 2001’s Carnegie Professor of the Year, is spendingmuch of the fall on a lecture tour in Europe at some of the world’s mostprestigious institutions.


He delivered his first lecture, on the nature ofapprenticeship, in early October at the Society for the Study of Childhood inthe Past Conference at Cambridge University. He will give a keynote address ata conference on the anthropological study of schooling at Brunel University inLondon in early December.


He has also been invited to consult and speak atOsnabrück University and at L’ecole des Haute Etudes en Sciences Socialein Paris. He will be speaking on his research on children’s work. The specifictopic will be “Les Tâches Ménagères, Agricole et Butinage:  L’éducationAvant la Scolarisation” (Household chores, Agriculturaland Foraging: Education Before Schooling). Dr. Lancy is the 2011D. Wynn Thorne awardee at USU, a prestigious honor that recognizes facultyfor outstanding research throughout their career.



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